A wee countdown: 8

Today’s taste of Meggie-speak comes from the kitchen—a rare sweet treat in Scotland at the turn of the twentieth century.

DSCN3064jeely pieces


bread and jam

From Elemental:

When we reach the top of the world, we sit on the grass with our jeely pieces. Clementina throws a few crumbs to a gull, and soon there are four of them waiting for the next. Rabbits dart about among the marigolds.



And if you don’t know what it means to have a jamaica or be plucked like a chuckney, click on the links!


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16 responses to “A wee countdown: 8

  1. marlish glorie

    Thanks for sharing your countdown with us in such a delightful way Amanda. Can’t wait to read Elemental…only 8 more sleeps…
    jeely pieces…. accurate description yet poignant in that this was once a rare sweet treat.

    • Thanks, Marlish 🙂 When I took the bread-and-jam photo, it occurred to me that the amount of jam I was spreading would probably have been eked out over a dozen jeely pieces back then.

  2. I love this new language you are teaching me, Amanda…I can never go back to jam sandwiches after this…only jeely pieces for me from now 🙂

  3. Linda Morison

    It was only yesterday my husband was talking of his Mum being so poor in the 1970’s in Perth and sending him to school with strawberry jam sandwiches everyday. He ate those,smelling the roast lunches from the boarders lunch room.Lovely to read of a brighter memory of a jeely sandwich.I am really looking forward to your book now!

    • Thanks, Linda 🙂 My husband remembers loving strawberry jam sandwiches when he was a kid but his (English) mother wanted him to take cheese instead so people wouldn’t think they were poor (which they pretty much were)!

  4. annabelsmith

    Jeely pieces. I’m proud to say I guessed this one. Such a cute name!

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