A wee countdown: 6

Only six days to go until Elemental is in stores, and here’s today’s little language lesson.

quine, quinie


girl, young woman; ‘quinie’ is an affectionate form of the word


From Elemental:

All the way from India, Kitta had told me in a hush of awe. All the quines wear silk in India. Their dresses an’ shawls, the scarves on their heads, even their drawers! And we looked at each other, trying to imagine such extravagance, such indulgence, and thinking what a scandalous, perfect place it must be, this place called India.

For more quick language lessons, click on the links for have a jamaica, chuckney, jeely pieces and laavie.


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8 responses to “A wee countdown: 6

  1. marlish

    Love this description Amanda…but suddenly your countdown doesn’t seem so “wee” as Elemental is almost upon us. I think we are incredibly fortunate to have a writer of your caliber in our midst. However we here in the West mustn’t be selfish, have to share you with the rest of the world.

    • You are too kind, Marlish, thank you. Let’s share all our WA writers with the world. I’ve just bought Felicity Young’s new book, Antidote to Murder, and am very much looking forward to reading that. Thanks for following the countdown! 🙂

  2. marlish

    You’re right Amanda – lets share all our WA with the world! But then everyone will want to come
    to this State – wondering what it is that produces such amazing writers!

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