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December fragments #2

I love these lines, recently seen on a signboard in Central Park, New York City:

I’ve wandered the earth in search of life

bird by bird I’ve come to know the earth.

—Pablo Neruda



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December fragments #1

Last year I shared with Facebook friends a photograph and quote every day throughout December. The images came from my year’s travels and observations; the words, from writers who had caught my interest, my admiration, my breath. I’ve been gathering more during 2012 and will post them here (so Looking up/looking down will be a more-than-occasional blog just for this month).

The first quote is from one of my favourite writers …

Circular Quay: she loved even the sound of it.

Before she saw the bowl of bright water, swelling like something sexual, before she saw the blue, unprecedented, and the clear sky sloping upwards, she knew from the lilted words it would be a circle like no other, key to a new world.

—Gail Jones, Five Bells



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