WA Premier’s Book Awards winners

Congratulations to the winners of the WA Premier’s Book Awards:

  • Premier’s Prize for an Emerging Writer: Elfie Shiosaki, Homecoming (Magabala Press)
  • Premier’s Prize for Writing for Children: Shirley Marr, A Glasshouse of Stars (Penguin Random House)
  • Daisy Utemorrah Award for Unpublished Indigenous Junior/YA Fiction: Mariah Sweetman, Robert Runs
  • WA Writer’s Fellowship: Nandi Chinna
L to R: Shirley Marr, Nandi Chinna, Elfie Shiosaki, Mariah Sweetman

And to all of the wonderful writers who were shortlisted: congratulations on your achievements, too. You probably made the judges’ task of deciding winners very difficult.

I generally don’t like having my photo taken, but here is one from the awards night that is possibly my favourite ever: buying books, not facing the camera…

Photo credits: Sally Kelso, State Library of WA

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