’Tis the season to say…


December 23, 2021 · 2:50 pm

12 responses to “’Tis the season to say…

  1. And to you, Amanda. What a perfectly beautiful Christmas photo. So happy to spend book time with you in 2021. May 2022 see your new novel-in-progress make its shimmering way into the world. Warmest wishes to you and all your family. I expect there is a little something under the tree for Kenzie 🐈😻

  2. Maureen Helen

    Thank you, Amanda, and also to you.

  3. Elizabeth Brennan

    ‘Tis definitely the season to say … also to you Amanda

  4. Wishing you a happy, healthy & relaxing festive season, Amanda

  5. Thank you Amanda; wishing a happy, safe and peaceful Christmas season to you, too. White Christmas in Yorkshire – possibly – and searing temperatures in Perth!

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