30 days of elsewhere: day 30

What a joy it has been, this 30-day project of looking back, looking elsewhere. As well as being an escape from lockdown, it has reminded me anew of so many things: among them, the role of memory in any person’s life, and what memory, and watching the elsewhere of the world, has brought to my work as a writer.

I have never thought of myself as a particularly visual person, but taking, and studying, photographs has helped to sharpen my vision. I have photographs pinned up all over my studio—black-and-whites from historical sources, as well as my own—and they have found their way into my work in different ways, not always literal.

This one, for me, is an image of ambiguity: the coexistence of the beauty of these northern seagulls and their reputation as disease-carrying scavengers; their freedom of flight and their dependence on the human; my rapture in photographing them and my dismay when I realised, seconds later, that they had left their mark (streaky, green, copious!) on my travel bag.

In the novel I am working on, I am struggling to understand more serious ambiguities than the vagaries of seagulls, but photographs continue to play a role in prompting rumination and imagination.


Trollfjord, Norway, 2014


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8 responses to “30 days of elsewhere: day 30

  1. Pat Nelson

    Thank you for sharing, it has been great looking at the different parts of our world through you eyes.

  2. The images have been such a pleasure to share, Amanda. Thank you 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing, Amanda. I’ve enjoyed the virtual travel, the memories that your images have stirred, and the ideas they have seeded for the future.

  4. It’s been great to have a daily photo from you, Amanda, a series of really lovely images – warmly appreciated! Some of the scenes from far-off places have reminded me of past travels, and others are a stimulus to thoughts of future travels (if safe international excursions ever become feasible again). Best wishes for your book-in- progress.

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