Riddled with gorgeous: day 1

There’s a lot to be anxious about at the moment. I know I’m wilting under the same burdens we’re all carrying. So I thought I’d take a minute every day to look at, and share, something beautiful, something to remember, something to be grateful for in our world.

Version 2

So here we go, one photograph a day. I’m calling them Riddled with Gorgeous after my favourite sign ever—something I saw, years, ago, above an abandoned shop in a little Irish village.

If anyone else feels like posting some #riddledwithgorgeous photos, please let me know—I’d love to see them.


Rose from my garden, 2019


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7 responses to “Riddled with gorgeous: day 1

  1. Jean Brooks

    Beautiful Amanda 🌟

  2. Jean Brooks

    I have a few gorgeous pics I can share with you if you would like Amanda

  3. Jean Brooks

    Have posted them to instagram shared with you …my user name is jeanellenbe Love day two of ‘Riddled with gorgeous’ Amanda 😊

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