An exhibition opens, a book enters the world…

The exhibition Being There—Kathleen O’Connor in Paris opened last night, at the Fremantle Arts Centre, on the eve of Kate’s 142nd birthday. This stunning exhibition of 56 works is drawn from her long career of six decades, and includes one of her student works from 1903 and her last (unfinished) work, dated 1965. It also features ephemera and some of her personal possessions—exhibition posters and invitations, her famous tortoiseshell bangles, a fragile 1913 Salon d’Automne catalogue, items that feature in her 1920s still lifes. The exhibition runs until 4 November, 10am – 5pm daily, and if you’re in the area, or visiting from elsewhere, I encourage you to drop in.

Alongside last night’s exhibition opening was the pre-release launch of Kathleen O’Connor of Paris. Mike Lefroy—author, historian and one of Kate’s great-nephews—gave a fabulous launch speech. I wish I’d recorded it! But here are a couple of photos.



I’ll be giving an author talk at the gallery on Saturday 22 September, and am really looking forward to having this wonderful opportunity to talk about the works in the exhibition and put them into the context of Kate’s life. Pre-release copies of the book will be available for purchase (ahead of the release in late October), and I’ll be signing after the talk.

If you’d like to come along to this free event, here are the details.

Author talk/book signing: Kathleen O’Connor of Paris,
in conjunction with the exhibition
Being There—Kathleen O’Connor in Paris
Fremantle Arts Centre
1 Finnerty Street (corner of Finnerty and Ord streets), Fremantle
22 September 2018, 1–3pm
Free event
RSVP here


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8 responses to “An exhibition opens, a book enters the world…

  1. julialawrinsonwriter

    I wish I could come next Saturday, but I will be at the Rockingham Writers Convention. Will get a copy of the book the minute it is released!

  2. Already loving your words Amanda, and feeling grateful that you, and they exist. As I’ve done with your previous books, I’m reading this one slowly, because I know I’ll be bereft afterwards. xx

  3. I wish I could be there! I most definitely would like to purchase a signed copy. Please let me know if I can do that with through Fremantle.

    • Thank you, Robyn. I wish you could be here, too! Re copy: I’ll work out with FP how to do this, but I don’t think orders are being posted until the general release. Leave it with me! xx

  4. Jean Brooks

    Super excited to finally have your “Kate’s Paris” Amanda! Thank you for an amazing, informative afternoon. I was so pleased to introduce my Granddaughter Eleanore to your wonderful writing within the context of Kathleen’s facinating collection of work. She was very interested…you have a new fan. Congratulations again and good luck with your sales!

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