Happy Anniversary, Little Jock

Ten years ago today, Little Jock came into the world—in fictional form, I mean; the real Little Jock was born about 170 years before that and left it, in horrifying circumstances, in 1882. There is no gravestone to mark his singular journey through life as a maybe-man—waif, thief, convict, shepherd, sandalwood carter, murder victim. But there are all kinds of memorials…

My first novel, The Sinkings, which in part imagines Little Jock’s life, was released on 1 July 2008.

UWA Publishing director Terri-ann White has gone on record as saying that having your book published will not change your life. I’ve told her more than once: I disagree. A big thank-you, Terri-ann and UWAP, for changing mine.

And Happy Anniversary, Little Jock.



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14 responses to “Happy Anniversary, Little Jock

  1. Terri-ann White

    What a creation, Amanda! The idea that this was your first book still amazes me. Your characters will live with me for the rest of my life. In admiration, Terri-ann

  2. With the bonus of research for one fine story having led you to the next marvellous creation: Elemental. Bravo, Amanda!

  3. Pat Nelson

    Such a very good read Amanda, well done.

  4. I loved Little Jock’s story…

  5. Wow! I just finished reading Sinkings this very morning. I’m not kidding! It had me up until about 2am, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer and finished it over a cuppa when I woke up. (Gotta love school holidays!)
    I really enjoyed the story. It was so well structured, with so many thoughtful links between past and present. How you managed to tell the story from many different perspectives, timelines and locations – vibrantly and realistically – is an inspiration.
    I have not stopped thinking about poor Jock and his family all day. And probably won’t for a long time!

  6. julialawrinsonwriter

    I loved this book so much, and still do x

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