Four New Releases…part 1

This is from a talented guy I know, who doesn’t post very often… 🙂

Ric Curtin

In the next two weeks I have a feature film, a feature documentary and two TV series being released.

Bad Girl is a feature film that was shot in Perth. After being edited in Sydney by Simon Njoo, the rest of the post production was done in Perth, with Sandbox creating the visual effects and grading the pictures and Curtin Productions doing the sound.

One of the big challenges on the film was the music. We were fortunate to have Warren Ellis, of Bad Seeds fame, as composer. Rather than compose to the picture cut, he created themes that the director, Fin Edquist, and I would then manipulate, remixing the stems and editing the music around to fit the picture. It was a fun challenge, and in meeting it I relied heavily on my many years of experience as a music engineer.

I was the dialogue editor as well…

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10 responses to “Four New Releases…part 1

  1. I’ve congratulated Ric and re-blogged.

  2. Pat Nelson

    Yes a very talented sound engineer indeed and obviously a very busy one too. Well done Ric.

  3. Marlish Glorie

    Well done, Ric! 🙂

  4. Wendy Bulgin

    Glad that you reblogged Ric’s post – interesting read 🙂

    On 12 May 2017 at 15:08, looking up/looking down wrote:

    > amandacurtin posted: “This is from a talented guy I know, who doesn’t post > very often… :-)” >

  5. Thanks for this insight to a process I know little about, Ric — and Amanda.

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