On this day…

On 10 March 1902, Western Australia’s brilliant Engineer-in-Chief, C.Y. O’Connor, rode his horse into the surf south of Fremantle and took his own life.

A few images taken today at C.Y. O’Connor Beach, where a bronze statue of horse and rider emerges from the sea…



He is remembered…




And all around, life goes on…





If you’re not familiar with the horse and rider sculpture, or the story of C. Y. O’Connor, Michael Cathcart interviews sculptor Tony Jones and O’Connor’s great-grandson Mike Lefroy on Radio National here.



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15 responses to “On this day…

  1. Nancy Wilkinson

    Thank you. A beautiful reminder. His death, our debt, our failure. His gifts, his vision, our eternal gratitude.

  2. robinandian2013

    That’s interesting – Michael Cathcart just raved yesterday about how much he liked this sculpture. Is it just conicidence that you and he are both on the same subject, or was yesterday an anniversary of some sort?
    Lovely photos – thank you

  3. Thanks for the reminder, Amanda. Lovely photos.

  4. Thanks for this, Amanda. I’d heard about CY O’Connor and the bronze statue that commemorates him — it was mentioned in two books I read in a row — but I’d never seen the statue until these photos. Sad and beautiful.

  5. Thanks Amanda. I didn’t know this story. So sad, but the statue is lovely. Gorgeous photos — they set up a longing for the sea on this overcast Canberra day!

  6. Wendy Bulgin

    A moving memorial Amanda. The poor man was so under valued in his own time. Yet we still benefit from his brilliance.

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