Just in time for Christmas!

I’m delighted to be part of this collection of Australian women writers responding, in different ways, to the colour purple…

Liz Byrski

So proud to see this book on the shelves now. It’s a collection of personal stories by fifteen wonderful women writers responding to the the colour purple, and edited by my friend and colleague Rachel Robertson​ and me.

We have our own stories in here alongside Anne Manne​ Annamaria Weldon​ Toni Jordan, Natasha Lester​ Sarah Drummond Deborah Hunn​ Rosemary Stevens Hanifa Deen​ Lily Chan Lucy Dougan​ Amanda Curtin​ Tracy Farr​ Jacqueline Wright​ .

It’s been fascinating to see what emerges from asking women to think about what purple means to them and Purple Prose includes stories about families, pigeon fanciers, French Impressionists, feminism, ageing, the footy and more. Just what you need to solve your Christmas gift dilemmas! Hope you enjoy it.

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2 responses to “Just in time for Christmas!

  1. This looks really interesting, Amanda. I look forward to hunting it down and reading! Have a great Christmas and New Year, and all best for 2016.

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