Coming up… Ubud Writers and Readers Festival


Halo. Nama saya Amanda.

Well, that’s about as much Bahasa Indonesia as I’ve managed to master so far for next week’s Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, but there’s still time to learn a few more helpful phrases!

This year’s festival (28 October – 1 November) features 165 authors from 25 countries, and a packed program of panels, readings, conversations, workshops and special events.

Elemental, with its main character Meggie Tulloch travelling from a tiny island at the top of the world to a large one at the bottom, meshes well with the festival’s theme, 17,000 Islands of Imagination. I’m thrilled to be participating in three events and very much looking forward to meeting the writers involved:

Why Write? 29 October: Panel discussion chaired by Rebecca Harkins-Cross, with Mireille Juchau, Okky Madasari, Nam Le, Amanda Curtin.
Make History, 30 October: Panel discussion chaired by Tory Loudon, with Avi Sirlin, Isa Kamari, Amanda Curtin.
Long Table Dinner, 31 October: literary dinner with Afonso Cruz, Anne Buist, Graeme Simsion, Haresh Sharma, Dorothy Tse, James Shea, Eka Kurniawan, Endy Bayuni, Andreas Harsono, Todung Mulya Lubis, Amanda Curtin.

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12 responses to “Coming up… Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

  1. reidonwriting

    Great to see that you’re on the program. I’m sure you’ll make the most of it. Best wishes for a great festival.

  2. I will be at your 29 Oct session Amanda. Would love to say hey and meet you!

  3. Have a fantastic time, Amanda. I’ve read, and been completely overwhelmed, by Elemental, and feeling not a little abashed that I haven’t written to you about it. Such a clever, wonderful book! More later. For now, enjoy the festival (and tell me, some time, how one comes by such a cool gig!) x

  4. Have a brilliant time. I love the British cover for Elemental but I adore the Australian one xxx

  5. marlish glorie

    Have a wonderful time. You’re such a terrific ambassador for the arts, Amanda, that I know you’ll lift the stature of the festival even higher. xx

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