A June photo-reminder…

to look down, in case there’s a message for you there…



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6 responses to “A June photo-reminder…

  1. The detritus of everyday life is insignificant to most of us, but has meaning for those that caused it. See how the camera takes objects on and patterns them even when we are unaware of origins or why the camera person arranged the shot in that way. I love the idea of the rhyzome where it is hard to know if a tree is the branches and foliage or the far reaching roots and so which way our imagination goes with these photos is similar.

  2. reidonwriting

    Another beautiful set of visual poems – thank you, Amanda.

  3. marlish glorie

    I love your photo reminders, Amanda. And I love this one no less. But this reminder does give me the heebie jeebies I’m afraid, a sort of disquiet, especially the broken glass, there’s something menacing about shattered glass. I always want to clean it away. Still, thanks for this terrific reminder to examine the minute of our lives, for therein are often the core of our lives.xx

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