A May photo-reminder…

to look up at the sea in the sky…



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12 responses to “A May photo-reminder…

  1. Glen Hunting

    These can’t be from our recent Perth skies, and certainly not this May! Be honest now…
    That aside, they’re definitely worth a look…and a look…and a look….and, oh gee, where’s the afternoon gone…where’s my bloody life gone?!

    • They’re from a couple of weeks ago, Glen, so technically they’re late-April skies—but close enough, right? Just make sure you have a pen in your hand if you’re going to disappear into them!

      • Glen Hunting

        Wow. I could have sworn we hadn’t had skies like that for a long time – either soggy cumuli or no clouds at all. Clearly, your reminder to look up comes at just the right time for me.
        Do you like to get the window seat on aeroplanes so you can look at the clouds? 🙂

      • Glad to be the cause of someone looking up 🙂
        Re planes: no. I’m afraid of flying (not exactly phobic but…) and have to imagine I’m in a hotel room with a very small TV and not-very-good food.

  2. Marilyn Beech

    Now, these pictures are W O N D E R F U L. I speak as someone who photographs the sky almost every day, and the ocean almost every week. These are skies full of story, skies to dream in.

  3. Debi O'Hehir

    Extraordinarily beautiful , one looks like feathers falling xxxxx

  4. These are lovely skyscapes. Are you familiar with Coral Carter’s daily cloud entries. She’s racked up between 1 to 2 thousand and shows them on FB. She seems to be affiliated with a group that does similar things. Might be good to contact her.

    • There are a lot of us similarly obsessed, I think, Peter! I’ve been skywatching for years and I put a few photos on FB. I’ve seen some of Coral’s there.

  5. marlish glorie

    Feathery clouds, shredded clouds, the clouds which precede winter clouds. And “Polishing Clouds” is a favourite pastime of mine i.e. Cloud Watching.

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