Snapshot: The Minnow

My January reading has been focused on the sessions I’m chairing or participating in at the 2015 Perth Writers Festival. Among the books I’ve loved is Diana Sweeney’s novel for young adults, The Minnow (Text Publishing, 2014).

Here is a brief taste, in the voice of the novel’s protagonist, pregnant teen Tom (Holly):

9781922182012There is a commotion outside. I love the word ‘commotion’. I have a notebook that I carry with me everywhere. I try to write a new word in it everyday. Commotion was Thursday’s word. Anyway, it seems Nana has caused the commotion by falling into the pond. Papa and I stay put. We both know she dived in. We have seen her do it more than once. There are nurses and orderlies running about and making a fuss. Nana will be lapping it up.



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