A January photo-reminder…

to look up, and imagine…



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12 responses to “A January photo-reminder…

  1. Marlish Glorie

    I could quite easily imagine myself living in one of these gorgeous apartments, spending my time looking down, thinking, oh dear, is that really another photographer taking snaps of my beautiful home. Best give the lovely looking lady a wave. Sigh.:)

  2. Debi o'hehir

    beautiful , tree reflections gorgeous xxxx

  3. Rose van Son

    It is the light I love, Amanda, to look out and to see! To imagine the past in the future. Thanks for this beautiful picture.

  4. Wonderful shots. Where was it taken? Looks a little Parisian but I’m guessing Aussie!

  5. They say that because of the strict demands on conformity the Japanese and the English are allowed one eccentricity. In London then I recollect looking up and on the top window sill was a lopped off head.

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