Book club baking!


Amy Wiseman baked these Elemental-themed treats for her book club’s discussion of the novel today. Don’t they look delicious! Meggie Tulloch would never have seen this much jam as a fisher girl in the north of Scotland, where ‘jeely pieces’ consisted of no more than a scrape of watery jam on a chunk of dry bread. And I doubt there was anything so luscious and generous made in the Mills & Ware biscuit factory in Fremantle, either. 🙂

Beautiful, Amy!


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8 responses to “Book club baking!

  1. What fun, Amanda … love seeing this. Occasionally my reading group theme our supper treat but not often.

  2. There wouldn’t often be such pleasure in “eating one’s words”!

  3. I love that! What a fab book club.

  4. marlish glorie

    They do look delicious indeed, and far too good to eat!

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