A January photo-reminder…

to keep looking up!



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8 responses to “A January photo-reminder…

  1. Glen Hunting

    “Look Mum…a haberdashery tree!!!” 🙂
    I have often wanted to ask you what those blurry black blobs are in your other winter tree. My best guess so far is that they’re bats with some sort of nervous disorder that gives them the shakes. But they could even be tiny, terrestrial manta rays. Would you care to enlighten me as to what they really are?

  2. Oh beautiful photo, Amanda. I absolutely love that. It reminds me of that scene from the film ‘American Beauty’ where the piece of paper is tossed about on the ground by the wind, but in your photo, there is something so poignant about the plastic, in this case, being caught in a tree, as if Mother Nature (please forgive any sexist connotations here but the idea of Earth/Nature as Mother for me is compelling, especially in this context) is using our waste as a sail, as a protest, as a beautiful, remonstrative, recycled piece of art – (have I got this dash right here?) a collaborative piece of art with the human species, commissioned by the need for environmental consciousness.
    Ummm…well…I just love the photo/artwork on so many levels…

    • Oh, that’s a gorgeous response to the photo, Kim! Thank you so much 🙂 And that scene from American Beauty is one of my all-time favourite pieces of cinema. Perhaps I was thinking of it when I caught this conflation of human and nature? You’ve put that beautifully.

  3. Oh that’s amazing that the scene from American beauty is one of your all time favourites. Mine too. It was like, ‘there’s life, right there, exactly…no need to say (or film) anything else’
    And your photo also has this quality – so poignant and evocative, Amanda. Sam Mendes eat your heart out!

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