3, 3 and 3 news: Unkempt Dance at Fringe World

2078_paperland_FWwebsite_EFUL_WEBUPDATE: Paperland won the City of Perth Dance Award in the Fringe World 2014 Awards! Congratulations to Unkempt Dance, Emma Fishwick and Toyi-Toyi Theatre!

For those who love exciting contemporary dance …

Amy Wiseman, 3, 3 and 3 guest in November 2013, will be appearing with Carly Armstrong (pictured) and Jessica Lewis—Unkempt Dance—at the forthcoming Summer Nights program at the Blue Room, Perth, part of the 2014 Fringe World festival.

The production, Paperland, is described as ‘a page-turning contemporary dance triptych. Maps, diaries, napkins, passports, receipts, parking fines, movie tickets … where does your paper trail lead? Toyi-Toyi Theatre, in collaboration with Unkempt Dance and Emma Fishwick, presents three short dance works that consider our relationship with paper.’

Unkempt Dance: Creature of habit

We record the big events in our lives, but what about the everyday? By counting coffees consumed, hours of trashy TV watched, loyalty cards stamped and various other daily rituals, see how the reality of everyday life differs from our perception of it.

Emma Fishwick: A dance with no home

A new solo dance work exploring displacement and connectedness, choreographed to play with ideas of space, time and meaning. Get lost in a limbo of deeply layered imagery and beautiful movement.

Toyi-Toyi Theatre: The space between

Every year more people traverse the same patterns on the earth, leaving their homelands to find a new temporary place of safety. Inspired by travellers’ maps, media coverage of migration and the dancers’ own personal stories, The space between explores the history of people crossing borders and our endless search for home.

World premiere
18–22 February, 7:30pm
Blue Room Theatre, Perth Cultural Centre, 53 James Street, Northbridge
Wheelchair accessible
Tickets available here

Like a Paperland taster? Here are some work-in-progress samples.

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