On launching a book…

Monarch life stages

My new novel, Elemental, was released on 1 May but tonight it will be officially launched—which means there’ll be a lovely gathering of friends, family and colleagues, some wine, a couple of speeches. A launch celebrates the result of a long metamorphosis, which can be grossly simplified as: a cluster of ideas > manuscript > book. You hope what you release into the world is something of beauty and something of value.

A friend phoned last night and asked me how I feel.

I remember trying to describe that for my first launch in 2008. This is what I said then:

I’ve loved working with other people’s books [as an editor] for 24 years. When I began researching and writing The Sinkings in 2003, I hoped, as all writers do, that my manuscript might one day turn into a book but I knew too much about publishing to be confident that that would ever happen. So I am truly thrilled to be standing here with this book in my hand, and still perhaps a little incredulous at my good fortune. Thank you, Terri-ann [Terri-ann White, Director, UWA Publishing], for believing in The Sinkings and taking a chance on a new writer—no small thing in the publishing world today.

Here we are, third book, five years later, and I can still say: that’s how I feel. Thrilled. Lucky. Thankful.


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16 responses to “On launching a book…

  1. annabelsmith

    It is most definitely something of beauty and value Amanda – looking forward to helping you celebrate tonight x

  2. Congratulations Amanda, looking forward to raising a glass to you and your achievements later x

  3. And I second that !!! x

  4. debi o' hehir

    lovely and i’m thankful too! xxx

  5. I feel you, Amanda (as they say in The Wire).

    Congratulations on the launch of Elemental and enjoy your celebration.

  6. There’s been some Roanhaven style parenting in my household over the last couple of days in order to snatch moments with Meggie and co. I finished earlier today and it is a beautiful book- truly ‘something of beauty and something of value’. There’s an awful lot I’d like to say about ‘Elemental’ but I’ll save it and write a review after I’ve spent some time with the much neglected children! 🙂

    • It was great to see you tonight, Kristen. Thanks so much for your support and your lovely responses to Elemental, and I’m so pleased you could join us tonight (um, last night)! 🙂

  7. Glen Hunting

    Fantastic launch last night Amanda. I meant to have Elemental read by the time the launch rolled around, but a few other things intervened. Will let you know when I finish it.

  8. A great launch for a sublime book…as is usual for me after I’ve read something you’ve written, Amanda, I can’t read anything else now, so I think I’ll just start re reading Elemental. Also looking forward to gifting the book to two friends and recommending to the rest that they buy a copy 🙂

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