A wee countdown: 1


… and to complete the countdown, here’s a word that’s unlikely to be heard in ‘real’ conversation today. The archival photograph is courtesy of my friends at the Buckie and District Fishing Heritage Centre in Scotland.




large tubs or troughs containing herring ready for gutting

From Elemental:

There was also the screaming of hundreds of gulls circling above the farlins, and calls of Fill up! and Over here!


Elemental will be available tomorrow from good bookshops, online booksellers and direct from UWA Publishing. Thanks for checking in!


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4 responses to “A wee countdown: 1

  1. marlish glorie

    Best countdown ever. Congratulations on getting Elemental published, and out there into the world. What an achievement! Awesome. I think the young women in the beautiful photo, above, would be astonished that someone took the time to write a novel which they’re very much a part of.

  2. debi o' hehir

    so good to see this gorgeous photograph and i agree with Marlish,those girls would be amazed and thankful that someone could describe the hardship they endured,wishes for a great publication day tomorrow xxx

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