December fragments #28

The sense of an ending can also be a beginning…

… it takes only the smallest pleasure or pain to teach us time’s malleability. Some emotions speed it up, others slow it down; occasionally, it seems to go missing—until the eventual point when it really does go missing, never to return.

—Julian Barnes, The Sense of an Ending



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2 responses to “December fragments #28

  1. marlish glorie

    Such an accurate description of time, how its mercurial and mysterious temperament can catch us unawares, often leaving us floundering, wondering what have we spent our time on? Where the hell did it go? Well, that’s what I wonder.
    Julian Barnes novel A Sense of an Ending was one of the finest novels I’ve ever read so it was a real joy savoring this fragment which speaks volumes.
    Thanks Amanda 🙂

  2. You’re welcome, Marlish — one of my favourites for the year 🙂

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