December fragments #6


I can imagine a life spent watching clouds…

I searched the clouds for omens, answers. They seemed to be moving very fast, dome-shaped, delicate, connective tissue. The face of art, in profile. The face of denial, blessed.

—Patti Smith, Woolgathering


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5 responses to “December fragments #6

  1. I love both the image and the sentiments, Amanda. Moving in and out, between, my mind too follows clouds and sensings, in and out, in and out.

  2. marlish glorie

    Me too…love the image and words. Reminds of a saying I once heard, “Polishing Clouds” i.e. staring at clouds, thinking, reflecting on life.

  3. Thanks, Shirley — you live in a beautiful place for cloud-watching 🙂 And thanks, Marlish, for that lovely term. I will think of it every time I look at the sky 🙂

  4. Thanks, K 🙂 (I love your snowfall)

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